Friday, February 29, 2008

Story of the Week - Feb 25-29

It's Leap Day! Buy Stuff!

Here are 29 great discounts, deals, traditions, and facts about the 29th Day of February:

Boston Market gave Leap Day Babies a free lunch today, up to a $10 value.

29 Approximately 4 million people in the World celebrate their birthday today, and then go back to celebrating on March 1 or February 28 for 3 years.

28 Papa John's is giving Leap Day Babies a free pan pizza today

27 Free lunch at Boston Market for Leap Day Babies. Exploit that ID that says you were born today and get that chicken!

26 The Saginaw Spirit of the Ontario Hockey League is hosting Leap Day Night, sponsored by the AARP.

25 Get a $49-a-night Leap Day special at Bay Inn in Petoskey, Michigan! $49! You know, cause 29 plus 20 is 49, so it makes total sense.

24 If you happen to be in Avondale, Arizona, you can head on over to Leap's Coffee Shop, which, appropriately, celebrated Leap Day all February long, giving away free ice cream and custard to Leap Day babies and their families.

23 Leap Day Babies get in free to see the Long Beach State baseball team battle Wichita State. That's a $12 value!

22 The Eureka Opera House in Eureka, NV is having a Leap Day Concert. How do you celebrate Leap Day through music? Well, you bring in Juni Fisher and Cowboy Entertainer Dave Stamey. yeehaw! Nothing says "Leap Day" like country western in an opera house.

21 You're probably wondering, how many Leap Day babies are there in the United States? Well, there are about 200,000.

20 My loyal reader in High Point, NC can go to the Leap Year Happiness Weekend at the JH Adams Inn on North Main Street.

19 Some guy in Rhode Island wants you to go to his Leap Day party:
Two of my friends, who are also Leap Day Babies, and I, are planning a
huge Birthday Party for our Birthday Leap Year Day 2008. It should be a really good time. You can email me

18 Get free admission to The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for Leap Day.

17 Morton's Steakhouse is giving a free steak and seafood dinner to all leapling's with proper ID.

16 McDonald's is offering a free McSkillet Burrito with the purchase of a medium or large beverage during breakfast hours. Not sure if that's a Leap Day promotion or they just can't think of any other way to get you to eat that crap.

15 The year 2100 will be the next time there will be a Presidential election, but not a leap year. Why? A leap year must be divisible by 400, and 2100 is not. 1900 also was not a Leap Year, but who could forget the riveting race to the White House between William McKinley and the electrifying William Jennings Bryan?

14 Some suggest celebrating Leap Day by "leaping back in time" and playing an old childhood game.

13 JaRule has a birthday today. So does Antonio Sabato, Jr and the late Dinah Shore-a.

12 Julius Caesar first created Leap Year in 46 BCE so that the calendar would match the solar year.

11 On Leap Day 1952, the first Walk/Don't Walk signs were installed in New York City.

10 Shedd aquarium in Chicago is using Leap Day to jumpstart its "Year of the Frog" campaign with two for one tickets.

9 Pope Paul III was born on February 29, 1468.

8 A deal that makes sense! Expedia is offering 29% off travel deals! Good job, use the date to fit the promotion!

7 It's customary that on the Leap Day, it is acceptable for women to propose marriage to men.

6 Can't have a birthday without a Cake! Whole Foods in Mt. Pleasant, SC is offering a free six inch birthday cake to anyone born on the 29th of February.

5 The odds of being born on February 29th are 1 in 1,461. A bit of a faulty statistic, since the odds of you being born are zero unless you are conceived 7-9 months before February of a Leap Year. But assuming you have an equal chance at being born on any day in a span of 4 years, those are the odds.

4 Here's a good thing - Martha Stewart packed the audience of her Leap Day show exclusively with people born on Leap Day.

3 The website is run by the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies. The Society is the leading advocate (or it must be) for getting "Leap Day" on to the calendar officially. It also pushes software companies to recognize February 29th as a valid date of birth. Many leaplings run into issues with online registrations, for example, that don't recognize their birthdays.

2 The 6th Quadrennial World Wide Leap Year Festival takes place in the town of Anthony, NM/TX (yep, that's right, it's a town in 2 states, and it says it is the "Leap Day Capital of the World", um, because they have more Leap Years than any other place on earth?) over 5 days of course centered on the 29th. This is from the event website:

"birthday folks can spend some time preparing signs boasting
their age in Leap Years, to use in the parade. Since Leap Year Day falls on Friday
this year the parade will be held after school, about 3:00 p.m.

We encourage all Leap Year babies and Leap Year anniversary couples to join
the parade. A variety of vehicles will be provided for those who do not have their
own or, if you prefer to walk the parade route is about a one and a half (1 1/2)
mile trek.

The day will be completed with a birthday dinner, cake and entertainment."

But the undisputed number 1 deal on this Leap Day comes from Domino's Pizza:

This Leap Day, to promote its new "BRKLYN Pizza", Domino's is giving $1,000 in Free Pizza Coupons to the first Leap Day Baby born today and named "Brooklyn."

That's right, new parents of the world, if you have a child today, and name him/her "Brooklyn" (any spelling accepted) you MIGHT win $1,000 worth of free pizza. Plus the chance to have a very strange conversation one day with said child.

Oh yeah, I said "might." Because if someone ELSE does it first, you only get one free BRKLYN pizza, and will have even more explaining to do.

Of course, says Domino's, you could just buy a BRKLYN pizza for $9.99 and find a better reason to give your child a strange name.

Happy Leap Day Everyone. Savor it, because there won't be another one for 4 whole years.

Except maybe in Anthony, NM/TX.

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