Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ya, L.P. Drow, Ya. Send E.W.

Beware, Bostonians, the Giants fanfaronade rolls on!

And it's Babe Ruth's birthday today. Too bad you people have won 2 World Series now and can't skulk about Babe Ruth anymore. I think Tom Brady just got sacked again, though.

The name of the football team that won the league championship game this year, combined with the name of the league championship game itself made it too easy for the headline writers this year. Here's some they could have used without employing the words "giant" or "super":

18-1. Simple as that. And 14-6 just wouldn't look right.

Patriot Putsch

A Brobdingnagian Achievement. (too magniloquent?)

This is an entirely tautological exercise. I think I'll stop. More words:

Galumphing - v. to be moving in a boisterous or clumsy way

Solferino - adj. of a red color tinged with purple

Diurnation - n. The habit of sleeping or being dormant during the day.

And the words I used before:
fanfaronade - n. bragging or blustering manner or behavior

putsch - n. A sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government.

brobdingnagian - adj. of huge size; gigantic; enormous

magniloquent - adj. Lofty or grandiose in speech or expression; using a high-flown style of discourse; bombastic.

tautological - adj. needlessly repeating the same idea by using different words

Three words I can't spell correctly to save my life:

terrific - 2 Rs, 1 F, why is it so hard?

exercise - just sounds like there should be a C after the X. Like in "except"

receive - yeah I know, I before E except after C, but up yours the C sounds like an S and that rule is stupid.

and that's .W.E dneS .aY ,worD .P.L ,aY

**as always, thanks to,, and The Big Word a Day Calendar from Avalanche Publishing

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Eric said...

"galumphing" was invented by Lewis Carroll? I think?

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head,
He went galumphing back