Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing with Vocabulary in the Middle of the Week

I'm sick of alliteration. So there will be no alliteration in this, an anti-alliteration Wednesday Wordplay.


Starting NOW.

this week's list of words, from both and the Big Word of the Day Calendar from Avalanche Publishing as a group make me think of Don Quixote, beginning with Quixotic, which of course takes its origin from the Cervantes character.

The Quixotic hero Quixote lived his life in a state of pure imbroglio, thinking of himself with aplomb, riding his donkey, charging at nettlesome windmills.

And all the time, the villagers saw Quixote in a completely different way, as he charged temerariously at inanimate objects, irrupting lissome, pastoral scenes, leaving confusion in his wake.

One day, Quixote thought he spotted an enemy combatant, which of course was an innocent church, with a simple bell tower. Quixote, sword drawn, gleaming in the refulgent midday sun, readied himself for the charge as the clock struck twelve, and the camponologist in the belfry rang a paean across the countryside. Quixote charged! Summoning all his puissance and aiming the sword at the church gate, meeting his enemy head on and falling splat! Alas...

A fate the quixotic Quixote could not avoid, what alliterative agony...

The Words!

quixotic - adj. caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals. Capricious; unpredictable (One of English's greatest words)

imbroglio - n. a complicated and embarassing state of things. A confused or complicated disagreement or misunderstanding.

aplomb - n. Assurance of manner or of action; self-possession; confidence; coolness.

nettlesome - adj. Causing irritation, vexation, or distress.

temerarious - adj. Recklessly or presumptuously daring; rash.

lissome - adj. Light and quick in action; nimble; agile; active.

refulgent - adj. shining brightly; radiant; brilliant; resplendent

camponology - n. the art or skill of ringing bells to make music.

paean - n. a joyous song of praise, triumph, or thanksgiving. An expression of praise or joy.

puissance - n. power; might

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