Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Wordplay

This week's Wednesday wordplay is written in boustrophedon.
ni gnitirw fo dohtem tneicna na si nodehportsuoB .kcul dooG
which lines are written alternately from left to right and from
morf radnelac sdrow gib eht knaht nac uoY .tfel ot thgir
Avalanche publishing for this. Instead of a day-appropriate
maharbA fo yadhtrib ht991 eht ot detaler spahrep drow
Lincoln, the word of the day on February 12th was
ecno tub,siht gnidear elbuort evah yam uoY .nodehportsuob
you get used to it your eyes and neck are actually doing 50%
.cinicip on si nodehportsuob ni gnitirw yaw eht yB .krow ssel
I'll be keeping this short.

Here are four fun words from the past week. I learned that
dna paehc a ni desserd eb d'I ,flesym nezideb ot erew I fi
showy manner. It's unlikely I'll bedizen myself. I'm not that
.ecnaraeppa ym htiw ("luftsaob" snaem taht) lacinosarht
Animals that live in trees tend to find fruit copacetic. And
suorovigurf a hctac t'now uoY .suorovigurf meht sekam taht
frugivorous animal bedizening itself. That would make him a
htiw yllaicepsE .yas ot drah oot si taht dna ,erovigurf lagurf
a mouthful of berries.

Copacetic - adj. very satisfactory. And that (mercifully) ends
.yalpdroW yadsendeW fo noitide nodehportsuob siht


Samantha said...

Dude. Seriously. Wrap a windbreaker around my head, because you just blew my mind.

Eric said...

That was a lot of fun to read, as I'm sure it
ehcadaeh a evah I won tub etirw ot saw

Betty said...

After I figured out how to read it, wasn't so hard.

dias cire revetahw.