Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Leavin' on a Laserjet Plane OR Ketchup if you can

We rejoin Late Night Supermarket Man and BOGO girl at Philadelphia International Airport. Late Night Supermarket Man is re-reading the mission that Grandpa Shelly printed out for them.

LNSM: "You must find the software and deliver it to the Radio House."

BOGO: What do you think it means?

LNSM: I think it means we must
find the software.

BOGO: What software?

LNSM: You don't know.

BOGO: I don't know?

LNSM: No, You don't know.

BOGO: Who?

LNSM: The software, it's called You don't know.

BOGO: What's it

LNSM: I don't know. But we have to find it.

BOGO: Where?

LNSM: Well, I think it's in North Carolina.

BOGO: Why do you
think that?

LNSM: Because Grandpa Shelly booked us two tickets to North

BOGO: Where do we go when we get there?

LNSM: To find
the software and bring it to the Radio House.

BOGO: But where--

LNSM: Enough questions, Bogo, let me think. I have to think.

BOGO: You can do it, Late Night Supermarket Man.

LNSM: That's

Alright, so a lot of other stuff happened to our heroes. But six hours later they got to the North Carolina airport and found a taxi. And After that they arrived at--

BOGO: Super Walmart! Of Course! You're a genius, Late Night Supermarket Man!

LNSM: Thank you. Now what time is it?

BOGO: It's 11:30.

LNSM: Perfect! Let's go. Late Night Supermarket Man to the rescue!

Meanwhile, at the Radio House, JB was on the phone with Grandpa Shelly.

JB: I need that software, Grandpa Shelly.

GS: You asked for my services,
you need to be patient. It's 11:30, this is when they work best.

JB: Who
is this Late Night Supermarket Man anyway?

GS: That's not your concern.
But be patient, you'll have your software. He may be a little strange, but he
hasn't...completely...failed me...um...in a long time.

In case you started to wonder, yes: this is the best we could do for a plot. Meanwhile, back at the Super Walmart, the employees were rearranging shelves and making a lot of noise.

LNSM: How are we supposed to find the software with all this noise?

BOGO: Oooh, two for one on Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s Edition.

LNSM: Why would you need two?

BOGO: Because it's two for one!

LNSM: Alright, put it back. Listen, I don't see the software anywhere. Are
you sure we can't download it?

BOGO: What does the note say?

LNSM: It doesn't.

BOGO: What are we gonna do?

LNSM: Well, we could do what we always do.

Just then, Late Night Supermarket Man realized this is the first mission anyone is hearing about, so nobody knows what they always do.

LNSM: Well, tell them, then. That's not my problem!

What Late Night Supermarket Man always does is purchase a few items from the store to offer as an alternative. It's not a very good strategy but he manages to stumble on the solution later.

LNSM: Hey, nobody asked you to editorialize.

Ahem. Sorry. Go on, get on with it.

LNSM: Bogo, take the Totally 80s.

BOGO: Two?

LNSM: May as well. It is two for one.

As they approached the checkout, our heroes picked up a large plastic ball and a six pack of Sam Adams Light. And then they saw it.

LNSM: A line?

BOGO: And look what she's buying!

LNSM: We'll never make it!

Or Will They???

Find out next time on....

"Carolina in my Mind" OR "Talk about a Trivial Pursuit"


brookLyn gaL said...

Who's on first?

Loren said...

What else goes on at the radio house?

david Spiegel said...

Stay tuned, maybe they'll venture to the mysterious second floor of the radio house...