Tuesday, February 6, 2007

FOOFARAW - major fusses over items of little importance


I was going to change the name of "The Full Circle" altogether, but it's kind of a pain. And I like the name a lot. But the new name was going to be:

Foofaraw. A word which means "a fuss over a matter of little importance." I thought it was a good name for what I'm doing here, especially if you've read either of the adventures of Late Night Supermarket Man (there will be more, I promise)

Instead of a name change, I present to you, my 58 loyal readers, a new feature called Foofaraw, in which I discuss random trifles every now and then. In other words, I'm Andy Rooney. Here is the first installment of Foofaraw:

Instead of sending us another horrible reality TV show (latest example: NBC's You're the One that I Want. Barf) The UK should send over a group of people to show New Yorkers how to ride an escalator.

In london it's almost a law - stand right, walk left. We need that here. I, unlike you fat, lazy schmucks, like to walk down a down escalator, but I can't do it if your fat ass is standing in the way, so stand on the right side and leave the left side for me!


Mr. Met braved subzero temperatures to help the Mets clubhouse staff pack up the moving truck for Spring Training.


More importantly, why did somebody think I needed to know this?

Are they playing yet?


New evidence suggests that Jeffrey Dahmer may have killed Adam Walsh, the 6 year old son of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh, back in 1981. When asked about the incident, Dahmer said: "You expect me to remember what I had for dinner 25 years ago? I don't remember what I had for breakfast this morning!"

Come on, you were all thinking it.

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