Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Carolina in my Mind OR Talk about a Trivial Pursuit

When we left our heroes, they had gotten into the checkout line at Super Walmart in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, when suddenly they saw the woman in line in front of them ringing up an assortment of groceries, a book of Sudoku puzzles, a pair of children's sneakers, a tempur-pedic pillow, and a fuzzy bath mat. Which caused Late Night Supermarket Man to exclaim:

LNSM: We'll never make it!

But make it for what, you ask?

LNSM: We have to get the software to the radio house!

BOGO: But we don't
even have the software!

BogoGirl was right. The software was nowhere to be found. All they had was a six pack of beer and a pair of Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s Editions.

BOGO: Two for one.


BOGO: Oh cool! Look Late Night Supermarket Man, it says here you can download
episodes of Totally 80s from the website for free with proof of purchase!

LNSM: What was that?

BOGO: For free with proof of purchase!

LNSM: No, the other part.

BOGO: What other part?

That's it!

BOGO: That's what?

LNSM: We can DOWNLOAD the software
when we get to the radio house, and you can distract JB with the Totally 80s
Trivial Pursuit game.

BOGO: How do I do that?

LNSM: You PLAY the
game! He's a sucker for games.

BOGO: If you say so. Should I give him

LNSM: Couldn't hurt.

Amazingly, our heroes had a plan.

LNSM: Now if we could only pay and get out of here. Lady, what in the world
compelled you to go out and buy a tempur-pedic pillow at 11 o'clock at night?!

The lady did not look amused.

LNSM: Sorry, my fault. I'm a northerner.

Finally, our heroes were able to pay for their beer and Trivial Pursuit, now essential to their mission, and they took off for the Radio House.

BOGO: THIS is the Radio House? It's so small.

LNSM: Just knock on the

They knocked on the door. They were greeted by the mysterious JB. Who for some reason loved to speak in third person.

JB: Ah, yes, come in, come in. Do you have the software.

BOGO: We've got

JB: JB doesn't want beer. JB has prescription medication he
shouldn't mix with alcohol. Grandpa Shelly said you would have the software.

Just then, in an attempt to sneak by and find a place to download the software, Late Night Supermarket Man started for the stairs.

JB: Don't go up there!

LNSM: Why not?

JB: You don't want to

LNSM: Isn't it just more of the same?

JB: It might be. But
it's not.

LNSM: I don't get it.

JB: Just stay away from the
second floor!

BOGO: Hey, JB, wanna play Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s?

JB: Not now, JB needs the...Did you say Trivial Pursuit?

Totally 80s edition.

JB: JB is Awesome at that game?

Really? Care to make it interesting?

JB: You're on!

BogoGirl took the game out of the box, and Late Night Supermarket Man sneaked off to download the software. Will he be successful? Will JB win the game? Will any of this matter?

Find out next time on: "Me-decade mischief" OR "Trivia Killed the Radio Star"

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