Monday, February 19, 2007

FOOFARAW - President's Day Edition

Today is President's Day. Celebrate!

In honor of George Washington riding to his inauguration on horseback, receive a free pair of underwear with the purchase of $40 or more at Jockey, Woodbury Commons.

John Adams was the first president to use the White House kitchen. Now, get 10% JK Adams pot racks at!

Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase. Now, you can make a purchase at the Louisiana Boardwalk President's Day Weekend Sale!

Improve your constitution in honor of James Madison with $2-off anti-bacterial hand soap from Bath and Body Works!

Want to read up on the Monroe doctrine? Not in Monroe county, MO. The Library's closed. Sorry.

At 3pm today, in honor of 6th president John Quincy Adams, it will feel like 6 degrees outside in Quincy, MA. At 11am it will feel like 6 degrees in Quincy, MI.

West Wing fans will know that Andrew Jackson kept a 2 ton block of cheese in the main foyer of the White House. In his honor, save up to 65% on cheese graters from!

Get a new Silverado from Rhodes Chevrolet in Van Buren, Arkansas for Martin Van Buren!

Hopefully, the goldfish you buy today at That Fish Place's Presidents Day Sale won't die in 30 days, like William Henry Harrison.

Buy one pair of Tyler shoes, get the second pair 25% off in honor of 10th President John Tyler!

James K Polk once visited Portsmouth, NH, and they're way too excited about it 150+ years later:

Zachary Taylor actually had a daughter named Ann, born April 9, 1811. In her honor, get up to 70% off at Ann Taylor loft for President's Day!

Get a wig at for Millard Fillmore, the last Whig president.

You can save a lot of dough in honor of "doughface" (a northerner with southern sympathies) President Franklin Pierce.

Nowhere near Rhodes Chevrolet in Van Buren, Arkansas? Instead you can get your Chevy at Wesner Chevrolet in Buchanan, MI.

The theater can be dangerous. Just ask Abraham Lincoln. Avoid the risk, and get up to $200 off a home theater system from Circuit City!

Unlike Andrew Johnson, the deals you'll get at the GM President's Day Sale are unimpeachable!

Harley Davidson is as bad as I am: "Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Green (keeping it in your pocket) instead of Red, White, and Blue. Save a Jackson ($20) off all boots, and take a Grant ($50) off any leather apparel not already on sale."
Do it for Ulysses S.

For Rutherford B. Hayes, why not try the Rutherford County, NC Seniors Presidents' Day Activity at Southern Baptist Church. Call Brenda at 287-7498. 10:45 AM. Oops, missed it.

Garfield the Cat says: have some lasagna for 20th president James A. Garfield! But save some for me.

Chester Allan Arthur says: who am I? I was President of the United States? Really?

In honor of Grover Cleveland, watch an all new episode of "22", tonight on FOX.

Yes, Benjamin Harrison, I'm going to write something for every president, I don't care how long it takes. Deal with it.

I mean, in honor of Grover Cleveland, watch an all new episode of "24", tonight on FOX.

William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo. Now get up to 50% off ski and snowboard equipment at Raging

For Teddy Roosevelt, get this adorable teddy bear for just $24.95 (regular price $49.95)

Starting to resemble President William Howard Taft a little too much? Take control of your weight loss with a Weight Watchers precision scale. Presidents Day web special: $49.99

According to, Woodrow was the 67th most popular name in America in the 1910s, when Woodrow Wilson was president. Today, the name is not in the top 1000.

Warren G Harding probably wouldn't like the music of Warren G.

Calvin Coolidge didn't talk much.

Don't be depressed! Check out all the Hoovers on sale at for President Herbert Hoover.

Want a new deal? How about 4, one for each time FDR was elected. Aeropostale has 'em!

You might want to watch The Truman Show for our 33rd President, or maybe you'd prefer one of's top 10 Presidential movies:

Bid on sheet music from Dwight D. Eisenhower's first inauguration! only $12.99

If you're lucky, your JetBlue flight just might take off today from JFK - but don't count on it.

Get up to 60% at the Disney Store in honor of Goofy-looking President Lyndon Johnson!

If you have Netflix, you get a pardon today, just like President Nixon got from...

...Gerald Ford, who was mauled by a circus lion in a convenience store...senselessly. (still funny!)

Time for dessert? How about Jimmy Carter's peanut brittle?

Bedtime for Bonzo?? Get HUGE deals from Mattress Warehouse for Ronald Reagan!

Get up to 40% off a cheesecake from Eli's cheesecake bakery cafe for famous Eli, George Herbert Walker Bush.

Alright, pick one: you want McDonald's sales, cigars, saxophones, hookers, what? It's too easy with Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush has only 700 days left in office.

That's almost reason to celebrate.

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