Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heinz 57 Anxieties or Fry Me to the Moon

Continued from "The Adventures of Late Night Supermarket Man and BogoGirl Part 1:

We left our heroes in the checkout line of Super Fresh on a, well let's call it a Friday night, yeah. Late one Friday night. BogoGirl was preparing to purchase Store brand crinkle cut fries.

BOGO: Two for one!

Yes. Two for one. And Late Night Supermarket Man was trying to assess the Ketchup situation.

LNSM: I think we have enough.

BOGO: Or do we?

LNSM: No, I think we do.

BOGO: Should we
get more, just in case? It's very important. It's of the UP Most importance.

LNSM: What did you say?

BOGO: I said it's of the UP Most

LNSM: With a P?

BOGO: It's of the UP Most

LNSM: The UTT-Most importance?

BOGO: What?

LNSM: It's UT-Most, not Up Most.

BOGO: It is?

Meanwhile, a line began to form behind our heroes as they argued the idiom. Let's fast forward.


We rejoin our heroes after a brief fast-forwarding back at their hideout where indeed, there WAS NOT enough Ketchup.

BOGO: I told you.

LNSM: You did?

BOGO: I don't remember. Scroll

Just then, the phone rang.

LNSM: It's the Special Phone!

Yeah, that's the best we could do. The Special Phone. Deal with it. It was ringing.

LNSM: It's Grandpa Shelly.

BOGO: Maybe he has a mission for us.

LNSM: Will you let me answer it!

Just then, Late Night Supermarket Man, answered the phone.

LNSM: Was that necessary?

Just answer it.

LNSM: Hello?

GS: Late Night Supermarket Man, I have a mission for you.

What is it, Grandpa Shelly?

GS: I can't tell you over the phone. It's
not safe. I've got the mission right here on my computer. I'll print it out for

LNSM: You do understand, Grandpa Shelly, that by not revealing the
mission over the phone, you are continuing to avoid a plot?

GS: All in
good time, Late Night Supermarket Man, all in good time.

LNSM: But when?

Will Grandpa Shelly print out the mission? Will there ever be a plot? What happened to the crinkle cut fries? Find out next time on...

"Leavin' on a Laserjet Plane" OR "Ketchup if you can"

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brookLyn gaL said...

You're very Soap-y at the end with all the questions. I kind of like it. But...

Will Benson care?