Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coming Up Next on The Full Circle

Now that I've finished reliving every moment of Birthright and sharing it in detail with you, I'd like to move forward with my blog while I still have the attention of the thousands of people who have begun reading this.

Ok, hundreds.

Would you believe...57?

Actually if you really think about it, I have about 500 gmail contacts, maybe 300 of them got an email from me about The Full Circle, and I have 299 friends on Facebook who have access to my profile and therefore a link to The Full Circle if they choose. Plus anyone in Syracuse or New York who doesn't know me but takes the time to examine my profile, so that's a few thousand more. Then there's anyone who hears about this by word of mouth. And then there's all of my Grandma Ros' friends. Oh but you have to take away the people who are both my Gmail contact and my Facebook friend. So using the Group Formula, I'd say my estimated total audience is about:


Sounds about right.

I'm wrong? Prove it. Write comments. 59th unique person to comment gets a prize. Maybe. Plus you get to be right.

Also when you write comments, see if you can think of anything I should be writing about. Because I just wrote a paragraph about nothing. And again.

Anyway, as I move forward, I make the following promises to you, my loyal and trusted readers (aka Grandma Ros, Benetti, anonymous creepy Facebook stalker):

1. I promise to continue writing The Full Circle until I am a published author or screenwriter OR until my friends, family, unknown future wife and subsequent future but as yet fictitious children beg me to stop OR until Mahmoud Ahmadinejad kills all the Jews using methods inspired by an event he claims never happened OR until Congress amends the constitution to allow George W Bush to serve a third term and I kill myself (and/or go to jail for conspiring to kill him)

2. I promise to begin writing certain features and add more as they come to me, for your enjoyment, so that The Full Circle is less random and at least feigns a purpose. One such feature will be "Stupid Story of the Week from the Belly of the 24 hour news beast" Good?

3. I promise to live up to my current standing as 2006 Time Man of the Year.

4. I promise to continue an intelligent discussion/dialogue of the Iranian Threat until all of you can spell and pronounce Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with confidence, or at least better than Bush can (shouldn't be too hard).

5. I promise I will change the title of The Full Circle to something I feel is more appropriate and to change the web address from to something easier to type. This will happen sometime next week.

A few things I will not do:

1. I will not discuss my love or sex life, since it's not that interesting really and since Grandma Ros is one of my aforementioned "loyal and trusted readers."

2. I will not show my work. Nor will I give partial credit.

3. I will not refrain from making more obscure references to old TV shows like "Get Smart" (see above, if you can find it) nor will I apologize for them. Dis-missed! (anyone?)

4. I will not promise that next week's title change will be the only title change this blog experiences in its lifetime.

5. I will not make the world safe for Democracy.

All right, I think that's enough. Stick around.

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