Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Wordplay

Today on Wednesday Wordplay - people words.

Do you know anyone who is a:

Argus - a watchful guardian
Bruxer - one who habitually grinds his teeth.
Centaur - an expert horse rider
Cruciverbalist - A compiler or solver of crossword puzzles.
Deipnosophist - A person skilled in dinner-table conversation.
Funambulist - a tightrope walker
Gongoozler - an idle spectator
Hidalgo - a member of the lower nobility in Spain
Ideophobic - a person who is afraid of ideas
Josser - one born outside circus life
Killick - a leading seaman in the British Navy.
Lychnobite - One who works at night and sleeps during the day.
Mudlark - someone who scavenges in a river for items of value.
Piker - a cheapskate
Quidnunc - a gossip
Schnook - a moron.
Toxophilite - an expert archer.
Turophile - a lover of cheese.
Ultracrepidarian - Somebody who gives opinions on matters beyond his knowledge.
Velocipedist - a rider of a velocipede, an early type of bicycle

For the record, I am definitely a cruciverbalist, a Josser, have at times been a gongoozler. I am most definitely not a centaur.

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Eric said...

let's see, my best friend is an ultracrepidarian (and at times, a schnook), our brother is a turophile, and George Costanza is a piker. George is also a deipnosophist because he can make people believe that he is a centaur or maybe even a hidalgo.