Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Wordplay - Haikus

There seems to come a time in the life of every blog when haiku is employed. For the Full Circle, that time is now.

This week's Wednesday Wordplay: definitions in Haiku.

You have skinny toes
and skinny fingers. You are

Remuneration -
Something that pays an equal
Amount for; Fair pay.

Clearness and Lucidity.
Simple enough, right?

--ous. Damn! Too many sylla--
--bles. Damn! Did it a--

(Oh, yeah, by the way
Extemporaneous means

A malingerer
Calls in sick even if he's
perfectly healthy.

Look at all of these
diff'rent elements! A Nice

Hey! Olivier!
Read these haikus to yourself -
No histrionics!

Benedict Arnold
The most famous disloyal,
Perfidious man.

A powerful storm
that sucks things to its middle
is called a maelstrom.

Patronizingly haughty
expressing contempt.

don't know the meaning? Don't be
lazy - look it up!

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