Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Wordplay - Phrases to be phased out

Today - 3 Phrases that need to disappear.

1. Have a safe day
This phrase is usually used to conclude a train safety announcement encouraging you to watch the gap between the train and the station platform and speak up if you think the guy sitting next to you might have a bomb in his briefcase. Then you're told "have a safe day."

So for the record, if you aren't blown up or crushed between the train and the platform?
Isn't it safe to say that nearly every day is a safe day? And if it's a dangerous day, I probably won't have a chance to have another?

And more importantly, by telling me and my fellow passengers to have a safe day but watch out we may need you to thwart a terror attack, you're sending mixed messages. By thwarting terror I'm probably putting myself in danger, aren't I? Telling us all to have a safe day is pointless, there's nothing I can do about it. Go back to wishing me well. Or just say "thank you for listening to this pointless announcement. New York next."

2. Have a Safe Flight
Stupid. Unless you're a pilot, you have no control over whether the flight is safe or not. If that plane's going down and you're in coach, it doesn't make much difference whether you were told to have a safe flight or not. The flight is no longer safe. "Drive safe", consequently, can stay.

3. What was your name again?
Why would you say this? Only one circumstance where this question is appropriate - if you are addressing someone who's switched genders.
--What was your name again?
--Jonathan. But now it's Jillian.

In all other cases, if someone asks you "what was your name again?", this is the only proper response: "(insert your name). and it still is."

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Eric said...

"have a safe flight" is almost as reassuring as "We are now going to attempt to fly to New York"

Thank you Aeroflot