Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Wordplay - NEW!

Here's something new. A weekly post devoted to wordplay, phraseplay, and other such Grammatolatry. Every Wednesday. Because Wednesday starts with "W." And so does Wordplay.

Grammatolatry - n. the worship of words. Not to be confused with the "warship of words," which would be a boatload of insult-hurling pirates, I suppose.

Some of those pirates might be scorbutic due to a lack of vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid.

scorbutic - adj. Pertaining to or afflicted with scurvy

You might say Mike Huckabee is an antidisestablishmentarian. I've always wanted to know what that meant. Now's as good a time as any to find out.

antidisestablishmentarianism - n. opposition to the belief that there should not be an official relationship between a country's government and its national church.

The following phrase needs to be phased out of use (I'll have one of these every week):
"not gonna lie"
Good! don't lie! If you say "not gonna lie" does that mean you're lying when you don't say that? Same goes for "to be honest" as in "to be honest, I don't really like American Idol anymore"
Yeah, me neither. But to be dishonest, I think it's great. Gonna lie. It's still a great show and i love watching it, especially early in the season.

and that's Wednesday Wordplay. I hope you find it supererogatory(1), and not supererogatory (2).

supererogatory - adj. 1. going beyond the call of duty. 2. superfluous

with a little help from,, and the big word of the day calendar from avalanche publishing.


Eric said...

good to see that my chanukah present is hard at work

brookLyn gaL said...

Awesome new feature! I consider myself a grammatolatrist, if there is such a thing.