Friday, May 25, 2007

Story of the Week -- May 21-25

Don't try to class up the State Fair

No Shirt? No Shoes? Problem. People walking around the NY State Fair in Syracuse this summer without a shirt or proper footwear will be asked to leave. They will also be prohibited from bringing in their own alcohol. And boy are these people pissed.

But that's not the really big news. The big news is, those pissed off people who desperately desire to prance half drunk and half naked through the fairgrounds -- they can read and write!

Well, sort of.

Poco777 says...
This is bull----. You are willing to let people wear the swim suit tops but they cant go shirtless. Hmmm lets think about this for a sec. The swim suits now a days you should just be naked.

forumrat says...I'm staying home this year and saving my $250.

Wait, $250? Seriously? The first time I went to the fair, I had $6 in my wallet after I paid the admission fee. I left the fairgrounds with $2 and I had a great time. Granted, I could have eaten more or drank more or played more games, but I would have had to try really hard to spend $250. That's a lot of sucker games and turkey legs on a stick. Maybe forumrat should be staying home for different reasons. Ok, on with the parade of annoyed shirtless fair goers.

Kathy1948 says...
Way to go NYS. First, you Capitalized of Cigarettes by having the highest tabacco taxes anywhere, then tell people when, where and how to smoke them. Now...people camping on the fairgrounds are not allowed to have alcohol in there RV's so you can capitalize on the sale of alcohol during the fair. Unbelievable. Shirts? Why? Woman dress half naked. Especially the young girls. That's why half the men go to the enjoy the view. Shoes, I can understand. You don't want injured people.

Speaks4all says...
Guess what,
I wont be going to the NYS Fair any more.
I have always enjoyed the fine family atmosphere and relaxation that has existed there. With this last salvo taking away carry-ins and the must be wearing a shirt. (How moronic) decision.

carrie7877 says...
I hate to say it but these post are starting to stereotype people. Im not a redneck nor intend on being one but is this what people are pointing at. I hate to say it but rednecks are people to and they desirve a chance at the fair even if there not in there Armie Suits.

What kind of suits are we wearing?

As Jason, who found this story to begin with, once said while at the state fair "This is the place where all the farting women in the world gather." Part of the attraction of the State Fair is the clientele. And so in a backwards, twisted way, I agree with the angered illiterates. Only at the State Fair will you find someone willing to walk around barefoot in the filth of the State Fair. Only at the State Fair will you pass by a shirtless, beer gutted, hairy-backed man with a PBR in one hand and marvel at his even-less-attractive wife. Only at the state fair will you see a Chinese man giving $5 one-handed back massages with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth (note: it's not worth the $5) And only at the State Fair will you hear people refer to their "vacation" as the time they can leave behind the clothing and tow along the beer. I say let them have their fun.

Remember, Kathy1948 says half the men go to the fair to enjoy the view. I guess I must be one of those. And if I'm going to spend my $250 at the Fair, I better get the full view - farting women, beer guts, bare feet and all.

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