Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5,600 Furlongs from Baltimore -- New Article at Travelers Pen!

I went to Michigan two weeks ago for some shenanigans with old friends. As it constituted travel, I took the opportunity to publish the experience at Travelers Pen. http://travelerspen.com It's in two parts. The first went up Tuesday, Part II should be up shortly. Here's a taste. Comments welcome:

It’s me, Nicole, Sandy, Becky and Agent 27 (not his real name). We’re standing 4 stories above the track below, looking down at a crowd of a couple hundred people. The Voice of Great Lakes Downs is next to us, binoculars at the ready. Chrissy, easily spotted in her bright red suit and matching heels, waves up to us.

And they’re off! The Voice calls the race with stunning accuracy as the seven horses round the first turn en route to a 6 furlough sprint. For this, our last race of the day, we all went in on a boxed trifecta, on a tip from the Voice. If the voice is right, we’ll walk away with all the money we came in with.

The Voice is wrong. Very wrong. But at this point, we’re used to losing races. In all other aspects, we walk away winners.

Read the rest! click here: http://thetravelerspen.com/north-america/5-600-furlongs-from-baltimore-part-i-muskegon-mi.html?Itemid=58

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