Monday, March 12, 2007

Me-decade mischief OR Trivia Killed the Radio Star

When we last left our heroes...

BOGO: That was like 3 weeks ago!

JB: We've been
playing this game for three weeks.

BOGO: And Late Night Supermarket man

He hasn't disappeared. He's upstairs.

JB: I told him not to go upstairs.

Anyway, when we last left our heroes...

BOGO: The author forgot about us.

He didn't forget about you, he probably had other things to do.

BOGO: Like what? He left us here for 3 weeks!

How much Totally 80s can one play? And I still don't have my software.

We're getting to that. Anyway, when we last left our heroes...

BOGO: Three weeks ago, while the author ignored us...

Hey, don't knock the author.

BOGO: Why not? Author dumpster barbecue Spaniard

JB: What?

I told you.

BOGO: doodle intestified fidgety pottsdam circulation

JB: What's going on?

She knocked the author.

JB: Well maybe he deserves it.

Careful now.

JB: Right

Anyway, when we last left our heroes...

JB: Can I catch them up, if that's ok with the author.

Apparently it is.

JB: All right, what's his name--

BOGO: Late
Night Supermarket Man

JB: Right. He's upstairs and he got lost or
something, and we've been playing Trivial Pursuit, and She's winning.

BOGO: I always win.

JB: And if she wins she gets to keep the
software, and if I win, I get the software. And the game has been taking a long

BOGO: And I'm winning.

JB: I can't believe you're still

BOGO: Why not?

JB: You pissed off the author.

BOGO: Only temporarily. You threatened to sue him for libel.

How did you know that?

BOGO: Know what?

JB: Stop it.

BOGO: Can't help it. He speaks through me if he wants. I don't know
where this is coming from.

JB: This is too weird for me. Any chance you
could wrap this up and get me out of it?

BOGO: You might not like the outcome.

JB: Why not?

BOGO: Well, we're the heroes. And we can't find the
software, so there has to be some other way we get out of this. And I don't
think it involves you getting your software.

And on that, BOGOGirl was right. JB's request to wrap it up quick resulted in the following developments. BOGOGirl collected her final piece of the pie with an answer of "Perestroika" and defeated JB (who is probably going to sue for libel). Then BOGOGirl shouted:

BOGO: You lose! I win the software!

Which Late Night Supermarket Man heard, and came bounding down the stairs.

LNSM: There is no software! And you were right, don't
go up to the second floor.

JB pounded his fist on the ground

BOGO: Told you you weren't gonna like it.

As our heroes, somehow mildly successful, hightailed it back to the North Carolina airport for a flight home. The End.

Stay tuned to The Full Circle for the next somewhat entertaining adventure of Late Night Supermarket Man and BOGOGirl!

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