Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hooray for Multitasking!

And now, David watches the late innings of a meaningless baseball game while keeping an eye on the Stock Market and other work-related responsibilities. And writes his blog.

Gotta love Spring Training baseball. Sixth inning, score's tied and the Mets bring in #73 Eddie Camacho to pitch.

And as I was typing that he gave up a Home Run to the Cardinal's #68 Somebody Gonzalez, so it's 3-2. Nice job Eddie Camacho.

The Dow is in positive territory after being down almost 200 points earlier in the day after a drop of over 400 on Tuesday. So that's good news, I guess.

I know he's like the best player ever (Sandy) but dammit I hate Albert Pujols.

Why do the Mets have Ruben Sierra?

Pujols flies out to one of 2 Jews on the Mets this year - Shawn Green.

Dow back in the negative. Nice play David Wright. We go to the bottom of the Sixth.

Side note: because the Dow dropped 400 points, that's the only real business story today, so the business updates are basically ad-libbed by our reporter at the NYSE, which leaves me with little to do except stand by and keep an eye on things in case something needs to be done. And I'll have to get up and go prompt for Headline News in a half hour or so. But you don't really know what time it is.

I brought cookies to work today. Isn't that nice of me? #65 Mike Parisi (who?) in to pitch for St Louis.

HOME RUN JOSE REYES! 3-3. When he hits one, it's still exciting, Spring Training or not. And he still goes back to the dugout and does his special handshakes. Jose has a different handshake for every teammate. All different sequences of flaps and pounds and high fives and hugs and dance moves and stuff. It takes an incredible amount of concentration on his part to remember them all. Especially when you consider that most of his teammates can't remember their one sequence.

2 on, one out. Mets trying to get a little rally going against what's-his-name.

Never mind. Double Play.

Ok, I have work to do. For real.

So many big numbers on the field! Ahh! 61 for the Cardinals dealing to 63 for the Mets. Names aren't worth it. None of 'em will make the team anyway. Bottom of the 7th.

Again - why do the Mets have Ruben Sierra? He's probably younger than Julio Franco but he looks big and clumsy and old. And the Mets don't need him.

Endy Chavez hits a fly to left that gets misplayed by number 63 of the Cardinals (guess who's going back to the minors?) and the Mets get the go-ahead run on in the 7th for the polysurnamed and always dangerous (well, maybe in the winter leagues) Anderson Hernandez.

I take it back! Hernandez comes through with a single to left and the Mets take the lead! And it doesn't matter at all! Except maybe it's a sign of things to come and they won't lose to the Cardinals all year and they'll get their revenge and win the World Series--

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself, it's only March 1st after all. Right, March 1st. Happy birthday Nicole.

Yeah, maybe I made up a word back there. Whatever.

Back to work. Everything ready for prompting at 3:20, checking on the video for 4:05, watching meaningless baseball, talking to people, writing in my blog. And Anderson Hernandez gets picked off and the inning is over.

#89 into Left Field for the Mets and making an immediate impact with two catches.

Um, and now, somebody put Sugar and Spice into a DVD player somewhere in this building and the Met game is gone. Who is watching Sugar and Spice at 3 o'clock in the afternoon? And how did they randomly decide to occupy channel 52? I am baffled. What a random movie for it to be. That's like the #89 of movies to be watching in the middle of the day while at work.

I have, by the way, changed the channel. Maybe whoever is watching that will only need to get a clip and I'll get the ninth inning.

Dammit! I'm committed now, I need to know how it ends. Luckily I'll have work to do in 5 minutes. Then I'll come back and check the final.

Yes! And we're back! No more Sugar and Spice. And so many more 70s and 80s are in the game. And it's Ruben Gotay for the Mets (#6) with a lead-off single off #78. And #89 comes up for the Mets with a chance to get some insurance for, um, some other high-numbered pitcher who stands to win the game.

I wonder how many people would have to get hurt before #70 actually started a game at first base for the Cardinals?

Dow is down again, but only a little bit. Nothing dramatic.

Ok, really, time to go prompt and be productive and all.

And I'm back and it's the top of the 9th, runner on third, two out and who's on the mound?

It's Ambiorix Burgos!!

And he strikes finish off the Cardinals and bring the Mets one game closer to Opening Day! Put it in the books!

And the Dow's down 50 again. So much for that.

Hooray Ambiorix Burgos. Hooray Multitasking. Hooray Mets.

Final Score: Mets 4, Cardinals 3. (Couldn't have done that in October?)

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