Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Foofaraw - Or what I've learned so far this week (and it's only Wednesday!)

Here's what I've learned so far this week:
  1. Teleprompters only malfunction when your anchor is live on the air.
  2. Time Warner Cable sucks. Sucks beyond belief, actually. At work, the cable was out for a whole day, an entire day cut off from our own air because the cable company owned by the same people who pay my salary can't figure out how to get service to us for an entire day. At home, the DVR just decides to stop recording things in the middle (if it records them at all) and sometimes, when you change the channel, all you get is a blank screen. Sucks. They suck. And they know they suck, so they stock their call centers with double-digit IQs who call you "Mr. David" and treat you like a ping pong ball. Sucks.
  3. When you have to say publicly "I'm not gay. I've never been gay" --- you're gay. (more on this to come)

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