Friday, June 8, 2007

Story of the Week -- June 4-8

Part 2 of 5,600 Furlongs from Baltimore is now up at The Travelers Pen! Check it out! The story continues...then it ends.

Here's the story of the week.

It’s short this week, but important, and to the point. And if I write any more about this subject, I think my head will explode.

The Most Important Story

The most important story this week, by far, is Paris Hilton went to jail to serve a 45 day sentence the War in Iraq. A lot has happened to Paris in Iraq this week. The situation continues to get worse, with no end in sight.

For one thing, the number of days Paris has been sentenced to serve is ridiculous US soldiers killed there since the war began more than four years ago topped 3,500. May was a tough month for Paris Hilton but she made the best of it one of the deadliest months of the war, with 127 killed, and there have been close to 30 deaths in June already. In fact, Paris Hilton went to the Billboard Music Awards for one last hurrah before she reported to jail Monday night an average of four soldiers have been killed every day in Iraq this month.

The story is far from over. 3 Days Soon after Paris Hilton went to jail the 3500th soldier was killed, she was released Muqtada al Sadr, the radical Shiite cleric, gave his first interview since the troop surge was announced, reportedly for ‘medical reasons,’ in which he blamed all of Iraq’s problems on the U.S presence there.

On Thursday, Paris Hilton was ordered to spend the rest of her sentence under house arrest at least 63 Iraqis were killed in a series of bombings, shootings, mortar attacks and execution-style killings that have sadly become part of everyday life in Iraq. Most Americans want to see Paris Hilton serve her entire term believe the surge to be a failure at this point, but General David Petraeus stressed that it is too early to see the progress of the surge, since the full troop buildup is not yet complete.

Today, a judge ordered Paris Hilton to return to court in person Lieutenant General Douglas Lute, Bush’s new war czar, admitted that the surge would only have a temporary impact. And Paris Hilton will be escorted to court by police, where she might be ordered to return to jail at least 16 people were killed in two car bombs we have video of Paris Hilton! We have video of Paris Hilton being brought back to court.

It is still shocking, though that Paris Hilton in handcuffs! On tape, confirmed as the death toll rises and the violence escalates, Paris Hilton, support for the war and belief in the surge strategy seems to be wavering even among President Bush’s closest advisers and Paris Hilton highest military personnel. We need to know what’s going to happen next with Paris Hilton may be at a crucial point in this war, at a place where the time Paris Hilton spends in jail may be increased may finally be right to think about a working strategy and a way to actually keep Paris Hilton in jail for her entire sentence end this long, hard, and increasingly more deadly wait tell me more about Paris Hilton I need to know war.