Friday, June 15, 2007

Story of the Week -- June 11-15

I chose to write this week's story as an allegory.

Georgie and the Albanians


The Puppy Who Lost His Way

About 6 years ago, the States family got a new dog.

They named him Georgie.

One day, Georgie went over to the Tigris family's yard and started digging.

He dug for days and days but never seemed to find anything.

Then he attacked the Tigris family dog for no reason.

Then he brought his things over to the Tigris family's yard and burried them.

By now, most of the yard is destroyed. The Tigris family is very mad at Georgie. So are the other families in the neighborhood.

Georgie is getting old. He's stubborn and mean to the other dogs. He never seems to want to do anything fun. He just likes to play in the bushes.

The States family is just plain tired of Georgie.

So this week, they decided to take Georgie for a walk around the neighborhood. They want people to like Georgie again.

First they went to see the Deutsch family. The Deutsch family has had some really mean dogs before, but they seem to have forgotten, and they just hate Georgie.

They don't like when Georgie sniffs their dog's butt. When he sees their dog, Angie, he goes right for it again. "Georgie! Mrs. States yells, "stop sniffing Angie's butt!"

But Georgie can't help it."Go away, Georgie" yells the Deutsch family.

Next, Georgie goes to the Frank family's house. The Frank family just got a new dog, Nicky.

Georgie doesn't pay attention to Nicky. The Frank family never liked the States family that much, though. And nobody really knows why.

But when Georgie comes by, they yell him "Go away Georgie! We don't want you here!"

Next they take Georgie to the Pasta's house. "It always smells so good here" says Mr. States.

But they won't let Georgie come near them. They are really mad at Georgie for what he did to the Tigris family's yard. "Go away, Georgie!" they yell.

"It's no use," says Mrs. States. "Nobody likes our stupid dog. Let's go home."

But just then, the family passes by a small house next door to the Pastas. This is the house of the Albanian family.

The Albanians are a strange family. They have two small children who don't like to play outside. And they don't have a dog. In fact, they've never even seen a dog before.

When they see Georgie walk by, they go crazy. They run to him. They pet him. And they kiss him. "We Love You, Georgie," they say. "You're the best dog."

Even Mr. States is surprised that the Albanians love Georgie. Then again, he didn't even know there was a house here before.

The Albanian kids bring treats for Georgie. Georgie licks their faces and wags his mangled tail. It's been a long time since somebody was this nice to Georgie.

"Kids, how would you like it if Georgie came and lived with you?" says Mrs. States. The Albanian kids jump up and down with excitement. They hug Georgie. "We love you, Georgie!" they say again.

Mrs. States says "Well, if they love him so much, they can keep him. We can go get another dog."

And they left Georgie to live with the Albanians.

And everyone was happy.

The End.

If only the end part had really happened, too........

On the other hand, less than 600 days til we can but ol' Georgie down for good!

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Marilyn said...

This is what happens when a viscious bitch who should be the poster mom for abortion spawns a rabid son.

Too long a wait; too bad for all of us.

Long live the four Justices!