Friday, October 26, 2007


I don't get starstruck often. I'm usually indifferent to seeing celebrities on the street, or at work or wherever. With a few exceptions, including this one:

Aaron Sorkin: You guys are brave to come out to an early preview, thanks a lot.
Me: You're welcome. It was great. We support our fellow Syracuse grads. (that was my in)
Sorkin: (shakes my hand) Oh, really? that's great, all of you? When?
Me: '05
Sorkin: (pauses)
Me: sorry.
Sorkin: (laughs) I graduated from that place 150 years ago. Is it still cold there?
Me: Probably.
Sorkin: (on his way out the door) I don't think they've won a football game since I graduated. Well...Louisville. At least we have that. (Exits)
Me: ok...that made my week...

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