Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now What?

Eventually, I will get over my obsession with establishing a purpose for the existence of The Full Circle.

I want this to be about little moments, like the Stranger than Fiction thing. Like this morning, there were a ton of people on the Subway platform and the train came in, and I was weaving my way down the platform trying to find a place to insert myself into the crowd on the train. And when I finally found one, I turned around, only to be staring directly at the Stranger than Fiction billboard. Again.

This kind of stuff is what The Full Circle will be overrun with. Those of you reading as a courtesy are sure to abandon ship soon. Those who actually enjoy my writing, just hang on for dear life and I promise it gets better.

Stuff like this: last Saturday night I had to go pick up milk from the supermarket at 11pm. There was a line. The couple at the front of the line bought two giant jugs of iced tea and a small block of cheese. The guy in front of me bought Reese's Peanut Butter Cup minis, Reese's Peanut Butter Bites, and a jar of Nutella. What motivated these people to go out at that hour and make those purchases? Will I soon read about a peanut butter-chocolate-nutella-bomb prison break or a car that runs on cheese and Nestea?

I'll also get serious, as in the next few weeks, when I will relay a journal of my trip to Israel. But before I do that, I have to go on my trip to Israel.

Until then, I encourage participation. Iced tea, cheese, Nutella, Reese's (two kinds of Reese's, even!). Discuss.


Samantha said...

Well, as someone who also used her blog as a major means of communication between her loved ones and her life in a foreign country, I say, "welcome to the club!"
When do you leave for Israel? I'll be home over winter break, so we should definitely hang out before we both leave (you for your trip, me for game-show glory!). Another TY reunion, perhaps?
Take Care,
Sam Ross

Nicole said...

I applaud the purchase of 2 kinds of Reese's and Nutella.

Well done to that guy.